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PCSA Members,

Wanted to wish; Players, Teams, Parents, Coaches, Referees, Board Members and Fans a great 2021 Fall Kickoff Weekend and season!

Appreciate everyone behind the scenes and on the front lines for all the work every club has done to get soccer back on the pitch for our youth.

Always feel free to call with any questions.




Hello SSUL Coaches and Team Managers,

Welcome to our Fall 2021 soccer season! We're providing this summary information to help everyone get ready for games beginning this weekend (September 11-12). These reminders from the Coach’s Meeting will help ensure the season runs smoothly from the first game check-in to the final whistle.

Game Day Rosters

Everyone's game day rosters in Affinity should be complete and accurate. Please print, then verify that everyone that might play in the game appears on the roster.

  • Please let your club registrar know about any discrepancies.

  • Print 2 game day rosters prior to each game and bring them with you to give to the referee.

  • Game day rosters can only be printed 3 days prior to game date and includes opposing roster information.

  • Instructions for Printing a Game Day Roster

Player Cards (U11 and above only)

Everyone on your SSUL spring roster should have a player card (including coaches). Note: Player cards are not required for U9 and U10 teams

  • New cards should be created for your team for the Fall 2021-2022 season. Photos will need to be attached and the cards laminated.

  • If you don't have a Player Card for all of the players on your game day roster, please contact your club or association registrar to generate these for you.

  • Bring player cards to every game.

NOTE: Teams that are unable to provide valid Game Day Rosters and corresponding Player Cards per our SSUL Operating Procedures may risk possible forfeiture of games

Score and Game Reporting

After each game, access Affinity to enter game score and any disciplinary action (red or yellow cards) that occurred during the game for both teams.


Please treat players, coaches, and referees as you would want to be treated yourself. When leading by 5 or more goals, keep scores down and challenge your players in other ways.

Sideline behavior is your responsibility. All comments from the sidelines are expected to be positive and supportive of the players, coaches, and officials. Remind player families that their responsibility is to enjoy watching their child play. If you require support in this effort, please let us know.

Here are a couple of things to reflect on ahead of your game.

  • Be patient with your players and keep your coaching positive. This is recreational soccer and we are here to play the game and have fun!

  • Be respectful and grateful of your referees. They are a rare thing right now and they are people! They are doing their best and nobody is perfect. They are likely from our local community, young refs might even be players in your club, and deserve our respect.

  • Be respectful of your opponent. Make sure you talk to your opposing coach and get alignment on rules, sideline, and how you might handle if the score get’s lopsided.

  • Set the expectations with your parents around sideline behavior. The parents and spectators represent your team and this club. If you haven’t told your parents in person you can send them an email. You as the head coach are responsible for the behavior of your player’s parents and spectators. Here are a couple of topics of points to make.

    • Cheer on their kids and make it positive! Leave the coaching to the coach.

    • Parents and spectators should not comment or say anything to a referee and how they are calling a game. Period. Leave that engagement to the coach to handle.

    • Do not engage with negative comments you might hear from opposing team’s spectators. Let the coach know and they can let the opposing head coach know.

    • Do not say anything negative towards the opposing players or their spectators.

Goal Differential Guidance

To support a positive experience for all teams, coaches are expected to encourage fair play and sportsmanship on match day. This includes being aware of the score and making adjustments in order to maintain a maximum goal differential of 6. Coaches will contact the SSUL Operations Committee any time there is a score line that exceeds 6 goals and provide an explanation as well as plans for addressing recurrences in subsequent matches. SSUL administrators will follow up with non-compliant coaches and clubs.

WYS and Valor Return to Play Policy Update >>> New

Washington Youth Soccer updated their game day protocols and safety plan in advance of fall league play. Their document can be found HERE. Make sure you are fully versed on protocols, please. Here are the key points in simple terms:

  • Players and coaches are not required to wear a mask outdoors.

  • Coaches should keep a physical distance from players (at least 6 feet) as much as possible.

  • No huddles, hand shakes, fist bumps or other 'in close' contact aside from the play itself.

  • Player backpacks and other gear should be kept separated as much as possible.

  • If a player or coach tests positive they must quarantine for 10 days.

  • The player or coach who tests positive is not allowed to return without medical clearance from a physician.

  • If the player or coach who tests positive has been in contact with his or her Valor team (or any other) in the last 48 hours the team will be notified (player identity kept anonymous).

  • If a player or coach tests positive the reminder of the team will continue all activities (with a fill-in coach if needed).

We hope you all have a great season! Please keep us updated on ways we can improve SSUL for you and all teams participating.

Thank You,


Due to extreme heat, there will be no training Monday, June 28th or Tuesday, June 29th


Governor Inslee announced on May 13 that all counties would progress to Phase 3 as of May 18, with the goal of full reopening by June 30. For more information on the Roadmap to Recovery, see the original announcement. Updated sporting guidelines were released on March 22.

Facial Coverings:

    • Soccer players are allowed to remove facial coverings for competitions.

    • Facial coverings must be worn by athletes when training or when not actively competing in a game or match against another team or when on the bench waiting to play. Coaches, trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times, UNLESS they are fully vaccinated.

    • Officials and referees are allowed remove their facial coverings if officiating requires them to run in the field of play.

***Masks are required for all coaches, players & spectators through May 18th.****

Tryouts Happening In May - Check the tryout schedule and get registered. There is no cost to register for tryouts.

Recreational and Tryout Registration OPEN as of April 1st for the upcoming Fall Season!

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