Covid Guidelines Updated 1/3/2022 - WYS Gameday Protocols & Safety Plan Winter 2022

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WYS League Protocols Safety Plan Fall 2021.pdf

RSA Return To Play Guidelines

Updated 8/21/2021

Hello RSA Families!

We are so excited to have all of you back on the pitch.

The health and safety of our kids is always a priority. As the Covid infections increase so does our need to reinforce safety measures.

This is what we need from you.

Effective today August 21, 2021: Only RSA Coaches, Staff and Athletes are allowed on the training fields.

Parents -

  • If your child is sick - Keep them home. This includes cough, stuffy nose, fever etc. Your child needs to be symptom free before they return.

  • Masks - Athletes will wear masks from the vehicle to the field and from the field to the vehicle. Be sure they have a bag to store their mask/gear in while training.

  • Use of hand sanitizer. Apply upon entering and again upon exciting.

  • Make sure training gear and equipment is washed and sanitized after training and games.

  • Make sure your athlete is also showering.

  • No more congregation at the fences.


  • Will continue to take attendance.

  • Will ask the athlete how they are feeling. Any player that isn't feeling well will be sent home.

  • Sanitize all equipment

  • Will wear masks

Communicate with your Coach and Team Manager if someone in your household is sick with Covid.

It takes all of us working together to allow these kids the opportunity to play.

Thank you for your help in reducing our kids to exposure and for being a part of the RSA Family!

RSA Return to Play Updated Guidelines

Governor Inslee announced on May 13 that all counties would progress to Phase 3 as of May 18, with the goal of full reopening by June 30. For more information on the Roadmap to Recovery, see the original announcement. Updated sporting guidelines were released on March 22.

Facial Coverings:

    • Soccer players are allowed to remove facial coverings for competitions.

    • Facial coverings must be worn by athletes when training or when not actively competing in a game or match against another team or when on the bench waiting to play. Coaches, trainers, and officials must wear face coverings at all times, UNLESS they are fully vaccinated.

    • Officials and referees are allowed remove their facial coverings if officiating requires them to run in the field of play.

***Masks are required for all coaches, players & spectators through May 18th.****